Acme Dough Roller

 Produce smooth and consistent dough sheets for tortillas, pizzas, bread, pie and more with the Acme MRS11 Pizza Dough Roller. This commercial-grade piece of equipment is designed keeping in mind the demands of restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. Its two-pass operation assures consistent results. The dough roll is put inside the front infeed which comes out of the dough return and then finally passes through the dough outfeed in form of a perfect crust. There are four (4) 3-1/2" diam. rollers that produce approximately 400-500 dough pieces with up to 18" diam. every hour. Using the heavy-duty push button, the roller can be started or stopped. This bench roller comes with a quick-change handle that can be used to adjust its functioning. The lift-off dough scrapers and slides can be removed for cleaning and scraping off the dough leftovers inside. The dough roller comes with a safety bar that shuts off the machine as soon as it is lifted. In case the rear cover of the machine is removed, the rear safety switch automatically turns off the roller.