Exceptional Design for Exceptional Kitchens - the all NEW BKI Combi line is characterized by quality and simplicity. It has a unique ability to combine form and function; beauty and functionality effortlessly blends together. It enables you to reach perfection every time and with every meal.
Cook the way you want - the BKI touchscreen control lets you choose which kind of chef you want to be. You can cook manually and easily fine-tune your settings. Use pre-programmed recipes to ensure consistent, results every time. Or use the SmartChef feature which automatically selects the optimum settings for an effortless cooking process.
Something for Everyone - the NEW BKI Combi line offers everything from 6 pan countertop ovens to 20 pan roll-in models. Gas, electric, boiler based and boilerless models, BKI has a combi for every kitchen! The BKI Hoodini model combi ovens offer ventless electric cooking from countertop to large floor models.